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  • Case Study at Addison Precision - Visual CMM


    Addison Precision have been using IPI Solutions products for only 9 months & have taken the opportunity of further applications to deliver an integrated process solution for First Article Inspection (FAIR) & Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

    With the typical products that Addison Precision manufacture these can involve hundreds of individual features. Demonstrating that all measurement data has been collected for the First Article or PPAP previously was a very high labour intensive task. Transposing results from our manufacturing process back into the correct customer documentation often took several hours per report.

    We took the opportunity to look at VisualCMM from IPI solutions that enabled us to take our CMM output & automatically input this data back into the IPI Software.

    What previously took hours now takes seconds to complete. Not only does it bring the results back into the software in seconds but has removed any typo’s. It’s the only improvement that we can say has delivered in excess of a 90% time saving.

    - Owen Hall - Quality Director

      Addison Precision

  • "We were looking for a solution to manage LQR’s concurrently with the project, along with improvements to inspection reports and built in mistake proofing. After discussion with various companies, we were advised of the IPI system.”


    LQR process has become more efficient with built in mistake proofing.

    The software allows for Lifetime Quality Records to be compiled concurrently during the course of the project. This speeds up the process and has built in mistake proofing. The system allows real-time dynamic access to project specific information; everyone involved in the project can see the status at any point in time. We can also show our customers the status at any point in time, along with record retrieval and traceability at the click of a mouse.

    It is a requirement that Lifetime Quality Records are compiled concurrently as the project progresses. With the software from IPI Solutions, all materials, processes, dimensions and any specific documentation requirements are ballooned at the commencement of the project, these are then shown as a requirement and as the requirement is fulfilled the status is updated. The system has driven behavior to keep all records up to date as the project progresses and is an important tool for the document control team.

    Fit For Nuclear (F4N) – Reported:

    "Documentation control tools and methods employed by FVN are fundamentally underpinned by an extremely robust, and best in-class, quality documentation and control total management system and tool”

    - Pete Staveley - General Manager

      Fortvale Nuclear Ltd

  • The speed / efficiency in which inspection reports are generated has been greatly improved and has enabled us to turn this process into a wholly administration function. The system itself has helped to identify and reduce reporting and administration errors.


    How has digital pen improved your process?

    The speed / efficiency in which inspection reports are generated has been greatly improved and has enabled us to turn this process into a wholly administration function. The system itself has helped to identify and reduce reporting and administration errors. With the aid of the IPI system, we have setup a central reporting database which has improved navigation and recovery of inspection data and enabled reports to be managed more easily. Our process is now standardised with inspection reports which are clear, informative and ensure the correct inspection reporting format is followed at all times.

    What was your return on investment?

    We estimate that our return on investment was within the first 6 months.

    Do you use the pen on a regular basis, if you were stop using the pen how would this effect your process?

    The digital pen is used on a daily basis, in fact we have used it 22,000 times in less than two years. We use it to compile company quality reports which we supply to our customers or for internal inspection reports. If we had to revert to manually generating reports using word or excel this would dramatically increase our administration workload.

    How many results do you collect per week with your digital pen?

    As a guess I would estimate we create 30 reports per week spread across 5 off components average with an average of 50 results per part. Approximately 7,500 individual result taken per week.

    Are the results for oil and gas, aerospace, medical sectors?

    The majority of our result are for the oil and gas sector (90%).

    Would you recommend this solution to anybody else and why?

    Yes I would recommend this solution. The Digital pen reduces the administration time and costs associated with the inspection / quality department. It allows the production of clear and standardised inspection reports that are easy to understand by ourselves and the customer. Moreover it is easy for the shop floor personnel to use and operate ensuring efficient data collection.

    - Steve Young - Senior Quality Manager

      MNB Precision Ltd

  • Prior to the software this would have taken 8 hours per set of templates on average, this has now been reduced by 75% and takes 2 hours on average.


    First Article Inspection Report - Management Software VisualFAIR® Case Study May 2011

    Goodrich Actuation Systems, Stafford Road, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton, WV10 7EH, UK

    2007 Background-

    In late 2007 we invited IPI Solutions Ltd to Wolverhampton to demonstrate their VisualFAIR® First Article Inspection Report Management Software. The team was impressed with what they had seen at the demonstation so we set about conducting a trial of the software. We wanted to measure our exisiting process and compare this with VisualFAIR®. We gathered a sample of 20 parts and then hand ballooned the drawings and created our Excel AS9102 forms 1, 2 & 3 manually, this process took 159 hours. We then repeated the process using the same 20 part numbers within VisualFAIR® and the total time was reduced by 101 hours to 58 hours total for the same task. We implemented VisualFAIR® April 2008 at Goodrich Wolverhampton and at Huyton.

    May 2011 update-

    Goodrich Wolverhampton had an immense demand for First Article Inspection process and we have been able to utilize the VisualFAIR® software extensively. We measured one person using the software for a 28 week period working 40 hours per week. During that time the inspector produced 554 FAI templates Form 1, 2 & 3 + ballooned the drawings ready for inspection use. Prior to the software this would have taken 8 hours per set of templates on average, this has now been reduced by 75% and takes 2 hours on average.

    What savings have been generated?

    Basing the savings on our 28 week study this equates to 554 x 6 hour = 3324 or the equivalent of 5460 hours per annum. Factor in the other benefits such as the report mistake proofing features within the software and this quality improvement becomes even more attractive.

    What are the future improvements?

    We have recently purchased a digital pen and paper solution from IPI; this will enable our inspectors to simply handwrite the results without the need to retype in the data as the pen converts their handwriting to digital data and compares it against the drawing requirement to enable mistake proofing. We are also investigating importing CMM data another solution available from IPI. VisualFAIR® has the ability to import BOM data which we already utilize for our CINCOM system and when we switch to SAP this is already supported by IPI.

    Another future improvement is to utilize VisualFAIR’s capability for creating in process inspection plans.

    For more information: Contact Brian Harvey of IPI Solutions Ltd – or visit their website or call USA toll free +1 866 274 7997

    R Langford

    Quality Systems Manager

    - Roy Langford - Quality Systems Manager


  • Woodward strongly recommends the VisualPPAP® solution as a class leading tool that will surely define the standard for PPAP creation software.


    Woodward, Inc.
    1000 East Drake Road
    P.O. Box 1519
    Fort Collins, CO 80522-1519 USA
    Tel: 970-482-5811
    Fax: 970-498-3050

    November 9, 2012

    Valued Supplier,
    Subject: Woodward Supplier PPAP improvement – VisualPPAP® software solution
    A competitive supply chain is based on the foundations of excellent quality, continuous improvement, and innovation. Woodward believes that the PPAP process is a reflection of our own and our supply chain’s ability to demonstrate contractual compliance to customer requirements. We also recognize that the PPAP process can be a time consuming and resource intensive endeavor.

    Woodward is committed to improving the PPAP process. In December 2011 Woodward challenged the team at IPI Solutions to develop a software application for creating a PPAP. The software solution needed to:
      • provide PPAP submissions more quickly and accurately
      • allow users to manage the PPAP throughout the process and quickly gauge completion status
      • (must) have a low entry cost, include training as well as ongoing maintenance, and continued                       improvement / enhancement
      • support all requirements for a complete PPAP (process flow, PFMEA, control plan, dimensional report,            PSW, etc)
      • be flexible enough to allow for use within other supply chains

    IPI Solutions was contacted for this challenge as they have developed successful software applications such as VisualFAIR® within the aerospace sector (AS9102) for which Woodward has been a customer for over seven years. IPI applications are also utilized globally by organizations of various sizes from small machine shops to large OEMs.
    The resulting VisualPPAP® solution developed by the IPI team has been pilot tested internally with the Woodward Fort Collins, Colorado shop and at six Woodward US suppliers.
    In September 2012, the IPI and Woodward project team visited several of the suppliers piloting the software to conduct critical reviews of the software solution. The user improvement suggestions obtained during these visits have allowed for further enhancements of the software.
    Through use of VisualPPAP®, the internal Woodward shop, as well as the pilot suppliers, found the software to be a very useful and innovative tool for creating and updating PPAPs. Woodward strongly recommends the VisualPPAP® solution as a class leading tool that will surely define the standard for PPAP creation software.
    We have negotiated a VisualPPAP® special purchase price for the Woodward supply chain. Contact IPI Solutions for details at: (866) 274-7997,, or and mention this letter.
    The Woodward supply chain VisualPPAP® offer is available through 30-Jun-2013 for $2000. This special offer (discounted 75%) consists of one (1) file-based floating software license with two hours of web-based software training and the first year’s maintenance/support fee. The following modules are included within the software bundle: VisualPPAP®, VisualIPI™, VisualFMEA™, VisualABC™, VisualCPIP™, VisualCPM™, VisualSMTV™, and VisualSC™.

    Woodward’s commitment to the PPAP process remains strong as is our focus on implementing innovative solutions that will positively impact our ability to meet customer expectations, increasing our internal process efficiencies, and improving our Supplier PPAP review responsiveness. Efforts are underway to finalize integration plans to incorporate the VisualPPAP® solution within the global Woodward operations.

    Ultimately the decision to purchase this software solution is yours. Nevertheless, as a key supplier to Woodward we encourage you to seriously consider the benefits of using the VisualPPAP® software based on your assessment of the capabilities that it has to offer and your return on investment analysis.
    In early December 2012, the Woodward Global Supply Chain group is hosting an invitation-only strategic supplier conference in Ft Collins, CO. During the conference a brief presentation regarding the VisualPPAP® software will provide attendees an opportunity to hear about the pilot suppliers’ experiences with the software solution. Software demonstrations will also be provided at the conference by IPI representatives for those interested in learning more about VisualPPAP®.


    Woodward, Inc.

    Matt Taylor
    Corporate Vice President
    Global Supply Chain

    - Matt Taylor - Corporate Vice President - Global Supply Chain


  • We have seen a tremendous amount of savings in time and effort. Total time save/reduced by using the IPI VisualPPAP solutions has improved by greater than 75%.




    Below are a few of the current numbers for the amount of success we have had with the program.

    1.  Ballooning time has been reduced by over 60%

    2.  Data Duplication efforts have been reduced by greater than 70%

    3.  Data entry mistakes are still holding at around 80 % improvement.

    a.   With the implementation of the data pen solution we expect this number to see even more improvements.

    4.  Total time save/reduced by using the IPI VisualPPAP solutions has improved by greater than 75%

    Even though there is still a portion of manual data collection that must be gathered to complete any PPAP, we have seen a tremendous amount of savings in time and effort to consolidate the required data and present it in a format that is easily reviewed by the customer.

    In addition to the current savings, we see additional future improvements with additional advantages the software will provide. With the opportunity to interface CMM data and upload Drawing changes we expect to continue to get better at the PPAP process while not requiring any additional time or effort.

    I hope that this data will be useful to you during your review.


    Keith Batie

    Program Manager

    Absolute Manufacturing

    20350 71st Ave NE Unit C
    Arlington, WA 98223

    - Keith Batie - Program Manager

      Absolute Manufacturing

  • On average we’ve gone from 40 hours of work for a class C PPAP down to about 20 hours.


    Mallory Ind. Inc.

    33 Spring Lane

    Farmington, CT 06032


    In review of the new PPAP you and IPI have put together it is 100% better than before.

    There are some steps that haven’t changed but the ones that have offer a great deal of time reduction.

    Once you have set up the library in the PFMEA you have accomplished a great deal of work. The fact that once you have done the PFMEA for a part you’ve also created the Process Flow is a great bonus.

    Creating the Control Plan is smooth and simple. Virtually everything you need is getting pulled in from the bubbled print. Here again this is a great deal of time saved.

    Exporting and Importing is seamless.

    On average we’ve gone from 40 hours of work for a class C PPAP down to about 20 hours.

    We are currently in talks with IPI on importing our CMM results from our Zeiss. Once this is accomplished we are hoping to see a further reduction.

    It is my belief once we have reduced the number of items we have to key in we will all see a cleaner more accurate PPAP. It certainly appears you’re on the right track.


    Chris K. Ambrose

    Quality Manager

    - Chris Ambrose - Quality Manager


  • Telephonics avoids $210,000 cost with VisualFAIR


    The Goal:

    To implement a system able to create, store, and retrieve all first article data from any point in the facility within minutes.

    The Benefits:
    • One stop shop – All relevant data can be organized and assigned by Program and/or Part Number.
    • Tasks can be assigned from quality engineers to clerical freeing up resources.
    • OCR software automatically populates AS9102 forms.
    • Works with Exostar, Cohesia, NetInspect with PDF or Excel output.
    • Data can be created, stored, and accessed from any point with overwrite protection.
    • Easily manage Supplier FAIRs.
    • Easy to implement with some IT support.
    •The only product already capable of integration with FMEA and Control Plans among other tools.
    Cost of Software: $11,000.00 plus licenses,


    Cost Benefit Analysis       Current State       Future State
    Cost Avoidance
    New First Article
    Delta First Article

    Total Cost Avoidance:


    - Naldo Pena - Process & Compliance Manager


  • The software is certainly faster than our current method of compiling a PPAP

    - Suzanne Doyle - Quality Manager

      Curtiss Wright Controls

  • Midland Aerospace save £80,000 in 12 months



    - Eamon Lyons - Managing Director

      Midland Aerospace Ltd

  • Visual PPAP is the glue that holds your report together. The guys at IPI are life savers!

    - Jeff Johnson - Quality manager

      Spider Company