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Direct Support from IPI Solutions

Over 2,500 current users globally of our software solutions enjoy excellent, comprehensive support.

At IPI, we believe that excellent software should be backed up with comprehensive support. We pride ourselves on excellent support, whether by email, or by telephone, we are always happy to help. We now have over 2,500+ current users of our software that are enjoying our high level of support services.

Online Support When You Need It

Online support, when you need it. We provide much of our support directly over the web using a dedicated Webex session. This allows our support staff to quickly diagnose any issues you have as you have the option to enable us to view your desktop and work with you to solve any problems.

This is a very fast and effective way for us to be able to meet our exacting standards and we can support you whatever Continent you are in! We already have customers in Europe, US, Asia, South Africa and Australasian! Online Support tools . We have dedicated many hours of research and development to the production of an online support area. Customers can login online at anytime at our designated web site area, to gain access to a comprehensive set of support tools.

Training & Support Movies

In addition to all the standard tools for support, we provide you with a comprehensive set on online training movies detailing all aspects of using the software and how to gain the best from it. In some cases the answers to your support questions will be within the movies themselves.

To date, we have created 80 support movies and some additional best practice movies and we still continue to build the library as the product sets grow. We build all these movies in Flashback screen recorder and we send them to all our customers and also make them available online. This allows us to constantly update support requirements to our customer needs and it helps our customers to use modern technologies as they can see the activity being performed as well as listen to the narrative.