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Supply Chain Workflow

The Supply Chain First Article, PPAP Submission, approval & process visibility solution.

How often do you not know product is going to be late before it is late?

When & where do we deploy our finite resource managing the global complex supply chain?

Connectivity (The Internet of Things) in the global complex supply chain becomes an even greater opportunity to share process data to leverage stepped changes in supply chain performance.

Visual Supply chain workflow enables the connectivity of global supply chains, with the current IPI platform of doing tools to leverage the process visibility of New Product Introduction (NPI), Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), First Article Inspection (FAI), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). These are all critical business processes that virtually all manufacturing sectors must perform.

The supply chain workflow allows for approval, submission of all the key stages within the process, enabling real-time visibility of the Work In Progress (WIP) of these business processes. Now you know where & when to focus your finite resource!

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