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Visual SMTV

'Skills Matrix & Training Videos App' provides you with videos, teaching you the unique skills and providing the training needed to fully understand our applications.

Visual SMTV is an application that exists in every Visual software application. Each instance is structured in a unique work flow layout, which offers guidance on how to use that specific application. The app integrates all the instructional videos the user requires to learn and maximize the usage of all our applications.

Overview of Visual SMTV

How Visual SMTV Works

Visual SMTV is located inside all our applications and can be activated by selecting the 'Visual Help' icon.

The application presents an index list of necessary skills required to become the Master Jedi user of any application. The application has full search capability, allowing you to locate a specific instructional movie you require. Once the particular skill required is located, the movie will play.

Bespoke customer training videos, meeting specific customer or supply chain issues can be hosted inside Visual SMTV.

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