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IPI Integrated Process Improvement

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Visual SCD

Provides a very convenient and secure way for suppliers to share process data and submit their FAI and PPAP reports to the OEM directly from their computer desktops. Visual SCD is part of the Visual IPI Platform.

IPI's Supply Chain Dashboard is a catalyst for supply chain integrated process improvement by providing the following:-

a very convenient and secure way for suppliers to submit FAI and PPAP approvals to the OEM directly from their computer desktops. Detailed approval / rejection responses returned from the OEM are delivered directly back to the supplier’s desktop.

Complete visibility for OEM of the entire supply chain, showing at a glance how many parts in a particular programme have got up-to-date FAI and PPAP reports and, more importantly, how many haven’t! In short, the dashboard shows the readiness of the programme.

Allows the OEM to drill down into detailed part and feature measurement data from suppliers to give a very precise view of manufacturing processes and their associated Cp & Cpk values.

How Does Visual SCD Work?

The traditional – and simple – approach to providing supply chain visibility tools is for the OEM to host a web portal into which suppliers post their FAI and PPAP submissions. There are a number of problems with this:-

  1. The OEM has the responsibility of running a portal web site and must ensure that the portal has high availability so as not to impede supply chain submissions.
  2. Being browser-based, portal user interfaces are less convenient to use.
  3. Crucially, confidential supplier information is stored on a publicly accessible web site, exposing it to unnecessary risk and possibly contravening ITAR regulations.

VIPI’s Supply Chain Dashboard is different. VIPI’s SCD architecture is designed so that the OEM’s data and each supplier’s data remains safely within their own databases and within their own firewalls. There are no direct connections made between the OEM and suppliers. Instead, secure message files are passed between the OEM and the suppliers to keep all databases updated. It sounds complicated but actually it isn’t – it’s as simple as copying files!

VIPI’s Supply Chain Architecture has the following advantages:-

Secure : The OEM’s data stays behind the OEM’s firewall and the suppliers’ data stays behind the suppliers’ firewalls. The message files that are exchanged between the OEM and the suppliers are encrypted and are replicated via a secure folder sync system. The messages are deleted as soon as they are read and they are never stored on an external server.

Robust: If a supplier loses their internet connection for a while or has network issues – no problem. The messages files simply queue up in folders on the supplier’s network until the connection and network is restored. Nobody has to wait for the system to ‘come online’ again and no data is lost.

Flexible: Because VIPI’s SCD exchanges data using message files rather than relying on direct connections between suppliers and the OEM, a number of different connectivity options can be used. Secure folder sync systems are preferred because they are very secure and quick, but message files can also be delivered via email or via an in-house file copying mechanism.

100% Availability: The OEM’s supply chain data is all kept within the OEM’s own databases within the OEM’s firewall. This means Supply Chain Dashboard data is available to view and analyse at any time regardless of any external connectivity problems.

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