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Visual SC

‘Site Configuration’ app is designed to help you customize your Visual IPI apps. This gives you the ability to customize apps in one place and then share that customization.

Site Configuration app is designed to help you customize your VIPI apps. Customization only has to take place once and then your data can be shared with other VIPI users. You can control access to Site Configuration, allowing only authorized personnel to make changes. All other VIPI Platform users are able to synchronize to the changes by clicking their synchronize button.

Here are some example customization requirements:

Customers have different requirements with different documentation. All their requirements & the different documentation are managed with the ‘Site Configuration

In Visual FAIR® you can customize the type of materials and process specification used on form 2 for a particular customer and their approved source. Your supplier code may differ from one supply chain to another. Other items that can be customized include tolerances, colors, forms and form settings.

In Visual PPAP® can be customized around your customers required number of elements and the description of those elements. You can also associate lead times, responsibilities, forms and apps e.t.c.

Visual FMEA can be customized around operations, process steps, severity values, occurrence values and detection values. Also you can set an RPN action setting and X number of RPNs e.t.c.

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