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List of Software Solutions

Visual RDE

Results Data Entry app for recoding all measurement data. This makes it quick & easy to collect your measurement results as part of the manufacturing process. Visual RDE is part of the Visual IPI Platform.

Visual RDE Results Data Entry is an app that allows you to enter a measurement results through a data table without being able to change original requirement set in either Visual FAIR. Each result you enter can also be associated to your inspection stamp. This is done by linking your windows login to your inspection stamp. The software can collect single results for FAI or multiple result for PPAP as required. Visual RDE fully integrates with Visual FAIR, PPAP etc. You can even create customized fields for data you wish to collect, such as quantity accepted or rejected batch number etc.

Visual RDE is very simple to use and easy to set up, it only takes around fifteen minutes to become conversant. The app also allows you to customize the data entry view to suit your specific requirements. Watch the short movie below for further information.

Overview of Visual RDE

The data table at the bottom of the screen is based around AS9102; however, the column headings and data types can be set up to fit your specific needs. The user can even define how tall the table is just by dragging it, how wide each column is and the exact positioning of the table etc. It will even remember this data so that the next time you enter the software everything is set to exactly the way you like it. The software can be set up so the user’s windows name is tied to their inspection stamp. Every result they enter can also display their stamp. When you have completed your data entry, click on save and set a date completed by. Within the Visual IPI Platform you can now see the completion status of the results data entry process.

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