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Visual PPAP

'Production Part Approval Process' app is designed to simplify, mistake proof & project manage your PPAP’s. PPAP is an output of the APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning process AS9145.

Visual PPAP® comes bundled with a number of other apps to make producing and managing your PPAP's easy. From ballooning a drawing, creating a process flow, PFMEA, dimensional report and control plan, all the apps required come bundled to enable the process to be achieve with ease. So included with Visual PPAP® you also get Visual ABC, FMEA & CPIP. Its integrated with Excel so any forms required can be easily completed within PPAP, such as MSA studies, PSW etc.

Overview of Visual PPAP®

The Production Part Approval Process involves the management of many tasks. These tasks are defined as ‘Elements’ and different OEM's have their own quantity and definition of elements. Each element maybe gathering a document and inserting into the PPAP report linked to an element or creating a document such as process flow, dimensional, PFMEA, control plan, MSA etc. Once all elements are complete and checked, the PPAP report can be collated and submitted. The Automotive Industry see PPAP and the submission of PSW as a key indicator to their business.

PPAP is key for the supply chain to establish and demonstrate confidence in production processes and component manufacture, minimising the risk of failure by effective use of APQP.

The use of the PPAP terminology is becoming recognised in the Aerospace Industry, with some major OEM's flowing the requirement down to their suppliers.

Visual PPAP® ensures all users approach the task of creating a PPAP in the same ‘Standardized’ way. Each supply chain can be customized to meet their specific requirements. The number and description of the elements are all customizable. The customization goes further, with the ability to assign Individuals as responsible for that element, ensuring a process owner exists. The ability to define a ‘Lead Time’ for notification of when that element should be started – to ensure delivery of both PPAP and Part is met on time. It allows you to ensure the Process is monitored, can be analysed and improved where required, it also ensures records are maintained.

Our solution gives you complete management of the process – you know what the status is of each element, you have the ability to create a history of actions on each element by leaving notes, date and by who and also notes are automcially genetrated when documents are attached and deleted. Visually you will know what is Work In Progress, Complete or Not Started.

One of the unique advantages is that Visual PPAP® comes packaged (bundled) with Visual ABC,FMEA & CPIP, all of which have been designed to help create documentation for completion of ballooned drawing or other documentation that requires ballooning such as PO's. Process flow can be created with FMEA and this app is also used to generate the DFMEA or PFMEA as requried. CPIP Control Plan & Inspection Planning app.

Consider the following requirements:

* Ballooned Drawings – utilize Visual ABC

* Process Flow Diagram – utilize Visual FMEA

* PFMEA – utilize Visual FMEA

* Control Plan – utilize Visual CPIP

* Dimensional Report – utilize Visual ABC

Visual PPAP® is versatile and fully customizable, offering you the ability to create PPAP’s for all of your different customer requirements. If an element requires documentation that has been created by another software package, these can be simply attached into Visual PPAP®, offering you complete flexibility on how you create the documentation for completion of your PPAP.

Different templates that may be required, can be created for you. These can then be managed and populated for completion of the different elements.

The output from Visual PPAP® can be in a PDF format with each element divided and hyperlinked from an automatically generated Index page. In addition you can also output your Excel templates if required. The review of the PPAP becomes more efficient and standardized, benefitting both yourself and creating a professional looking PPAP report for your customer to review. Your customer can review with ease any PPAP you produce in a standardized way meeting their specific requirements each and every time.

Below is a more in depth movie of Visual PPAP®.

The movie is in two parts so please watch 1 of 2 and then 2 of 2 in that order.

Video 1 of 2 Visual PPAP®

Video 2 of 2 Visual PPAP®

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