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IPI Integrated Process Improvement

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Visual IPI

‘Visual Integrated Process Improvement’ Platform 'VIPI'

VIPI integrates and launches all your apps including Visual FAIR, PPAP, BOM, CMM, etc. VIPI does this by helping you manage your part and sub-assembly report data, with the ability to launch apps against part numbers.

It is installed on a PC utilizing Microsoft ClickOnce technology. We have two versions of VIPI available and their associated apps: Entry level version or Enterprise SQL version.

Overview of Visual IPI

The Enterprise version allows your 'Part & Sub-Assembly' report data to be shared via an SQL Server. You can also store your data in a local or network repository. The Enterprise version can analyse and review the current status of all your FAI’s and or PPAP’s utilizing the Visual MID Management Information Dashboard. MID is shipped free of charge with all Enterprise level purchases. Again no technical data is stored outside your company firewall.

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