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Visual IP

Visual IP is designed to save you time and money by providing a standard approach to creating Shop Floor Inspection Plans.

Visual IP 'Inspection Planning’ provides a standard method for applying data/information direct from the ballooned feature on the drawing into a designated operation or process step. This application ensures an efficient solution is provided to create Shop Floor Inspection Plans.

Data associated with Inspection Plans (operation numbers, AQL %, product characteristics, measurement tools, sample size, sample frequency, reaction plan, control plans e.t.c) can all be assigned to a feature / operation from the drawing quickly and efficiently. The data applied is then automatically populated into an Inspection Plan form or excel workbook.

How the Application Works

The user is able to link all the design requirements via an electronically ballooned drawing into a tree relationship structure of operations or process steps, to form the basis of the Inspection Plan. This speeds up the process dramatically.

The application offers a unique module that allows the use of a tree relationship structure, and properties displaying all the parameters you would need when creating Inspection Plans. It allows the user to assign several parameters associated to the feature/operation combination very quickly and efficiently. Using a simple left-hand double click, the user can assign features to operations/process steps. You no longer have to assign parameters individually per feature number on the marked up drawing.

The unique table view combined with the tree relationship structure offers a visual indication of what data you have assigned to a feature number.

Operation numbers can be created inside the application or they may have even been created inside Visual FAIR, Visual PFD or Visual FMEA. In all cases, these applications share certain part data, allowing dynamic linkage throughout.

All data within the application will populate an Inspection Plan form.

This Application will enhance your competitiveness whilst providing your customer with the reassurance that their report requirements are being met, through the delivery of high quality complete documentation in either PDF or paper format.

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