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Visual FAIR

'First Article Inspection Report' app mistake proofs and reduces the cost of your FAI AS9102B process. Visual FAIR® is utilized globally by more than 2500 users with reported process cost savings in excess of 75%!

Visual FAIR® removes the administrative burden for your quality professionals. Visual FAIR® improves quality, eliminates waste, reduces lead time and cuts down the total cost of managing and producing FAIs.

Our Visual FAIR® app works by linking design requirement via an electronically ballooned drawing to AS9102B and or other customized forms. These requirements can be captured or data mined using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which speeds up the process dramatically and can read engineering symbols such as Ø and GD&T direct from the drawing. Watch the short video below to find out more.

Overview of Visual FAIR®

Visual FAIR® has a growing base of more than 2500 users from across the globe. These users inspire the ever-evolving functionality of our exciting apps. Visual FAIR is not only a value adding tool but also enhances FAI creation, encompassing functionality for managing the complete FAI process.

Visual FAIR® can help you manage material and process specifications along with their related customer approved suppliers. Each process and material will have a customer requirement, such as a certificate of conformance or a data card. Visual FAIR allows you to manage multiple and obsolete requirements. The related material and process information populates AS9102B form 2.

Visual FAIR® has a built in FAI status report which allows both users and management to see exactly what stage an FAI is at. Each customer’s specific contractual and/or global requirements can also be set, captured and status displayed in this way .

Visual FAIR® also takes advantage of existing data created on your other business systems. For example, your ERP systems Bill of Materials (BOM) can be used in conjunction with Visual BOM app to import the Bill of Materials data directly into AS9102B form 1 in Visual FAIR. Each child part within your assembly structure is identified thus ensuring that all FAI requirements are fulfilled. Another example of importing existing data would be to import results from your CMM using our Visual CMM app. The CMM data populates AS9102B form 3 and or other customized forms with single or multiple results.

You can associate operation numbers and measurement equipment for each characteristic. This enables inspection reports to be created for the shop floor that include in process checks. These forms can be exported in a range of formats including MS Excel.

Visual FAIR® will enhance your competitiveness whilst providing your customer with the reassurance that their FAI requirements are being met or exceeded through the delivery of high quality PDF documentation.

Visual FAIR® has a range of features to help the user ensure that common errors are eradicated. The app uses a simple visual traffic light function (red, amber or green) in order to keep these errors in check. An intelligent data entry interface ensures dimensional engineering principles are adhered to. Further mistake proofing is ensured through a real time ‘current status’ report which highlights all FAI/Customer requirements.

  • Clone a part
  • Replace a drawing when a part up issues or changes revision
  • Image/drawing comparison e.g. overlay old v new drawing with red/green indicators
  • Upload data to external systems e.g. Net Inspect™, eCAV etc
  • Export to Excel, PDF, TIFF
  • Colour code report status
  • Current status of report
  • OCR Optical Character Recognition
  • Key Features and form filters for AS9103
  • Customizable forms with your logo or that of your customers
  • Create and manage specifications and link them to approved suppliers and customer requirements
  • Customize and attach measurement equipment including gauge numbers
  • CMM data import using optional Visual CMM app
  • BOM Bill of Materials data import using optional VisualBOM app
  • Insert images within forms
  • Assembly management
  • Manage your standard catalogue parts or COTS parts
  • Attach FAIs created by your suppliers for use within an assembly
  • Find parts searching against part number and a range of fields
  • ITAR compliant
  • Multiple site repositories, file based and or SQL database
  • Local My Repository for portable solution such as laptop
  • Signatures/Stamps management within software
  • Signatures/Stamps security, cut copy paste disabled and removes signatures if template is changed
  • Import drawings and images in PDF, TIF, GIF, JPEG, BMP etc.....
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Handles vector PDF's
  • Multiple drawings
  • Online/Offline capability
  • Filter by characteristic and/or operation number
  • Link operation numbers to characteristics
  • Create operation numbers for pre-finished sizes and relate to finished design requirements
  • Customizable tolerances
  • Intelligent data entry interface
  • Reference mark up e.g. link to engineer change note
  • Reference mark up for holes in a PCD
  • Auto population of AS9102 forms
  • Customizable forms through Excel templates with embedded formulae
  • Repeat, Partial or Delta FAIs
  • GD&T fonts
  • Other customizable fonts
  • Enter results using table, drawing or digital pen interface. (Visual DPP is an additional module).
  • Conforming results shown green on drawings and within forms
  • Non conforming and out of tolerance results shown red on drawings and within forms
  • Specification check list creation capability
  • Customizable attachment list
  • Copy & paste dimensional requirements
  • Re-number characteristic
  • Add delete balloon and re-number automatically
  • Alpha and numeric indexing 1a, 1b, 1c or 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc
  • Gridline tool for automatic reference location (grid) position calculation in AS9102B form 3.
  • Add gridlines to non-gridline drawing
  • Mark up rotation
  • Image rotation
  • FAI report style configuration for differing customer requirements e.g. forms, specification supplier codes
  • Multiple results per characteristic and form outputs with multiple results
  • Forms handling SPC formulae with data output from Visual FAIR®

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