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Visual DPP

Turn your hand written information into electronic data. It’s fast, accurate & simple to implement. Mistake proof your data collection saving you time!

The Digital Pen works and feels like a traditional pen, but captures everything you write as digital data in real time.

Through utilizing user-friendly technology in the office and in the field, the Digital Pen & Paper is a quick, easy and efficient way to capture First Article & PPAP results by handwriting them on a piece of paper. Collect multiple results per characteristic for quick analysis.

Compatible with almost all computers and complex enterprise systems (from in-office environments to remote locations) the Digital Pen offers real-time data capture and document handling that simplifies workflow, reduces time and cost, and increases overall efficiency.

The combination of a familiar, unobtrusive pen and paper style process with state-of-the-art digital technology make IPI’s Digital Pen & Paper a versatile and powerful tool for any business.

The unique technology makes data capture processes more efficient for any enterprise. It converts handwriting to universal digital formats which are able to integrate with, automate and control existing workflow processes. The captured data can be compared against the dimensional requirement and any mistakes captured and highlighted to the end-user prior to submitting your report to the end customer.

Video 1 of 2 Visual DPP (NPI and Data Collection)

Video 2 of 2 Visual DPP (Data Collection)

The digital pen technology requires a color laser printer running a post-script printer driver in order to print the specially formatted page. The page has lots of tiny dots printed in a unique pattern that the digital pen can read automatically.

As you write, the pen’s built-in camera automatically picks up the exact location of the pen on the paper. The technology also records the date and time each stroke of the pen takes, e.g. when a result was recorded. In addition, a mistake proofing system is built in by allowing the inspector to check a box for pass or fail. The handwriting is then converted to digital data, the pass or fail result is considered and this data is then automatically compared with the feature requirement that has already been set up in Visual FAIR or ABC.

A result that is out of tolerance that has been checked as pass will be automatically rejected.

This leads to the icing on the cake. When the pen is docked in the USB holder, the device communicates with a server that converts the data into digital format and sends an e-mail of a PDF containing exactly what was written on that paper.

This is both a notification that the batch is in progress and a point of reference as the PDF looks exactly like the paper that was scanned in and this was all done just by docking the pen.

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