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Visual CPM

‘Clone Part Manager' is an application offering selected content cloning, allowing the cloning of assembly reports or parts to be efficient.

Visual CPM Clone Part Manager is a simple app that saves you time. Once you have created a report it is often useful to be able to create a clone copy with or without certain pieces of data.

Imagine creating some FAI reports that are part of a family of parts, i.e. all made from the same material but have slightly different dimensions. You can clone the part, replace the drawing or alter the ballooning to suit the new dimensional changes required. Then, by changing the part number, you have a complete FAI report with all the correct attachments in minutes, rather than hours. Another good example is a handed part; you are able to complete one report, clone it, rename it and make the necessary dimensional changes and your report is complete.

Visual CPM is bundled FREE of charge with Visual FAIR and Visual PPAP.

Overview of Visual CPM

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