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Visual CMM

Import measurement data with a single mouse click, saving time, reducing cost and mistake proofing data transposition.

Visual CMM 'Coordinate Measuring Machine’ imports results data directly from your CMM software (PC-DMIS, Calypso, MCOSMOS, Aberlink) into your FAI/PPAP or other related dimensional / inspection report.

Visual CMM app is designed to manage and import your inspection result data from any programmable CMM or other programmable measurement device. The imported data can populate an FAI or PPAP dimensional report with speed and accuracy.

Overview of Visual CMM

Visual CMM app takes the effort out of reporting CMM results into different FAI/PPAP formats. Import any amount of measurements from your CMM report within seconds and mistake proof the process. This allows you to reuse data, remove the need for manual entry and speed up the process with resultant time savings in excess of 95%.

Visual CMM provides visibility of the measured values with a clear indication of when they are in or out of tolerance results. You are able to import hundreds of measured results in seconds for future output to any Customer or in-house customized report format.

Using Visual CMM, a single sample or batch sample of parts can be inspected and the data can be imported quickly and accurately.

The Visual CMM app provides best practice mistake proofing by using electronic data from CMM software reports instead of transcribing measurement data from paper reports that the user has manually entered via keyboard.

Visual CMM provides visibility of measured result against ballooned characteristic with a visual indication of in/out of tolerance (green/red), all prior to importing any measured values.

With the import of CMM measured values completed, inspection reports can now be generated.

Measurements from CMM report can be utilised further downstream for creation of FAI, Inspection Report, SPC, PPAP e.t.c. Visual CMM can import data from any CMM software such as PC-DMIS, Calypso, M-COSMOS or any device capable of outputting reports in electronic data format.

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