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Visual BOM

Mistake Proof & Manage your Bill Of Material associated with your First Article or PPAP assembly. Reducing the time to create your First Article and PPAP by in excess of 80%.

Visual BOM app is designed to build and manage complex assemblies from a Bill of Materials (BOM) report from your ERP/ MRP system. Visual BOM is part of the Visual IPI Platform.

Mistake proof the creation of FAI & PPAP reports through our Visual BOM (Bill of Material) data import app. Take complex BOM data from your ERP and import directly to your FAI or PPAP reports within Visual FAIR or PPAP.

Visual BOM

Visual BOM customization allows any ERP BOM data to be imported and automatically flowed into the necessary templates, e.g. AS9102 Form 1. Visual FAIR also creates a cascade diagram which you can choose to include within your report.

Importing the BOM ensures that nothing is missed fr om your assembly report. Once your BOM is imported into the Visual IPI Platform, you can view the completion status of your entire assembly report. Through using our Enterprise platform you can produce a report with Visual MID Management Information Dashboard which can detail the exact status of all your parts within an assembly.

The BOM import routine is supplied specifically for your report format and can handle multi-level assemblies. Visual BOM has proven to be an integral process app within the electronics industry which often has hundreds and thousands of components right down to a PCB level.

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