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Visual APQP

Our 'Advanced Product Quality Planning' app helps you eliminate potential risks associated with your APQP / NPI processes. Visual APQP is part of the Visual IPI Platform.

The Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) application has been designed to help minimise your ‘new product’ time to market and help reduce potential risks associated with your APQP / NPI processes. Visual APQP is part of the Visual IPI Platform.

Depending on your business category (Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Nuclear, Oil & Gas – to name a few), the terminology known to you as either Advanced Product Quality Planning or New Product Introduction are the same in principle. Both being a framework of procedures / tasks and use of techniques used to develop products within your business. It’s also very similar to the concept of ‘Design for Six Sigma’.

Our approach to all software solutions we develop is simple – Understand the process / requirements, have knowledge of the issues associated with carrying out the process, then apply lean thinking, reduce opportunity for errors, ensure there’s a visual attribute to the software and demonstrate through industry use that the benefits and savings gained are objective evidence.

Visual APQP ‘Advanced Product Quality Planning’ and Visual NPI ‘New Product Introduction’ are powerful, yet simple applications that fully integrate with all other VIPI apps. The use of either application will enable your business to manage your own specific needs around the ‘Advanced Product Quality Planning’ / ‘New Product Introduction’ process.

Although there are guidelines on what tasks and objectives are required within a ‘APQP’ / ‘NPI’ process, we at IPI Solutions have ensured these software applications give you full control over the setup and task requirements for your own required steps in the ‘APQP’ / ‘NPI’ process for your business.

Each application will form the basis of a ‘HUB’ that all other applications can be launched from, including VisualFAIR® and VisualPPAP®. Both Visual APQP and Visual NPI are customized by setting up steps / tasks or gateways based on your particular APQP / NPI process which may also include customer requirements. For example – contract review, capacity / Rate readiness review, FAI, PPAP, Control Plans, Inspection Plans, check material lead times, create CMM programme, import results from CMM etc etc.

These defined Steps / Tasks / Gateways enable users to add documents or update documents or launch other applications such as VisualFAIR® & VisualPPAP®.

Both Visual APQP and Visual NPI are a very simple idea, however they do solve a complex problem surrounding Advanced Product Quality Planning / New Product Introduction.

The Benefits of Visual APQP & Visual NPI

  • Standardize your APQP / NPI process
  • Visualize your global APQP / NPI process with VIPI ‘Enterprise Version’
  • Leverage benefits of sourcing whilst eliminating potential risks.
  • Integrated with Process Flow, FMEA, Control Plan and Inspection
  • Planning. Flexibility to include bespoke APQP / NPI gates.

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